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World’s First Person-carrying Drone

World’s First Person-carrying Drone


Many of us are familiar with small flying drones known as quad-rotors but have never seen a one that carries a human itself. A Chinese company Ehang Inc. has launched its world first person-carrying drone. Ehang has launched Ehang-184, an electrically powered drone with a seating capacity of a single person. The drone can take one to four hours to get its batteries fully charged depending upon the charging mode. It is powered by eight 19 KW motors that drive four double-sided propellers.  It weighs about 240 Kg and can carry a maximum payload of 100 Kg with a maximum flight time of 25 minutes

The single-seat cabin of the drone is air-conditioned and is provided with a tablet that enables user to give only two commands for landing and takeoff. The drone has a top traversing speed of 100 km/hr and can fly above sea level at a maximum designed altitude of 3500 m. The flying machine uses a pre-planned mission to carry passenger from one place to another, therefore, the passenger does not have any control except for landing and takeoff. In case of any emergency, the company has a future plan to switch the control to a remote control station that may be able to land the drone safely.

The company also claims fail-safe mechanism in its product so that if any component malfunctions or fails, the drone will land to the nearest ground position to ensure passenger’s safety. As drones are vulnerable to hacking, therefore, the manufacturers also claim that the whole communication system is encrypted and each drone will be provided with its own security key. The company aims to introduce this drone in the market with an introductory price that ranges from  $200,000 to $300,000. Enhang Inc. has definitely set a new trend in the drone market that has never been set in the world before!

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