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Smart phones, smart watches, smart shoes and even smart clothes, everything around is converting into the smart electronics products. What an amazing feeling it will be when you live in your own smart home. Yes! Smart homes cannot be called a dream of a goof now .Smart homes with smart automation devices are now products of many companies.

Recently Samsung announced their new products named as “Samsung Smart Things”. These products include small devices that led you to make your home smart. Using these products you can control complete home from any mobile or laptop. These smart devices not only can be used from home automation but also keep your home secure from theft.

HUB   courtesy SAMSUNG

Hub is the heart of the smart homes. All you need is a Mobile app, a Hub and everything is done. Hub connects your phone wirelessly with a lot of compatible devices that control home appliances like fridge, Microwave Oven, TV etc..

Motion Sensor (Courtesy Samsung)


The SmartThing motion sensor monitors have ability to monitor movement activities in home. It gives you an alert on mobile app if any unusual activity happens around when you are away from home.

SmartThing Multi Sensor

The SmartThing Multi Sensor keeps a watch on doors, windows and cabinets. It informs you when you left any door or garage open while leaving home. It also can detect vibration and temperature.

SmartThing Power Outlet

The smart power outlet is used for power supply. This can control lights,electronics and any domestic appliance. It can be programmed for turning on and turning off of any device for a fixed schedule or in response of any activity happened in home.


SmartThing Presence Sensor

SmartThing Presence sensor can be put in child’s bag, on a pets collar or can be put inside a care. It sends you a message on mobile app when come or leave home. It also gives you a noisy alarm to help you finding the keys.

SmartThings Moisture Sensor

SmartThing moisture sensor can be used to monitor the moisture level around in home and it gives you an alert in case of any leak inside home to prevent the flood. It can also monitor the temperature level.

So friends this is all about the Samsung SmartThings. Yes, they can make our living style better and SMART.

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1 Comment

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