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Digital Taste , a dream coming true

Digital Taste , a dream coming true

Imagine you are having a live chat with your best friend sitting miles away from you and he wants you to sip his new fruit cocktail recipe that he made today. Virtually across the miles, it’s impossible for you to try it until and unless you physically taste it. Researchers at National University of Singapore are trying to develop a simulator that is capable of delivering the taste digitally. A small silver electrode that can be attached to tongue has been devised by the team in order to transmit the taste digitally over IP.

A slight variation in the current and temperature of the electrode can stimulate four basic tastes: bitter, sour, sweet, and salty.  The developers aim this product to be used for TV shows to enable viewers to taste the food digitally.  The device can also be used in gaming application where a user can be rewarded with a bitter or sweet taste depending upon the condition in the gaming environment. One very interesting use of such a product is in the area of bio-medicine where diabetic patients can use this to have a feeling of a sweeter taste without any use of sugar-based products that may raise their sugar levels.  Not only the diabetic patients but also those patients that recovering from a disease and may have bad taste problem due to excessive use of medicines.  The developers aim to make the electrode wireless so that it can be easily wearable for various applications.

yes the virtual taste is not a dream anymore.The dream is now a reality.If you are a research scholar and want to study about it you can go to official website ..””


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