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Bionic Chip: Talking to brain cells is now possible

Bionic Chip: Talking to brain cells is now possible

Many of us are familiar with the Cyborg or bionic-hybrid sort of character presented in the famous film Terminator-2 and wonder that in future, may we have real bionic-hybrids walking around us. A group of researchers at Calgary University has devised a microchip that can be fused to a human brain. The team has already fused a computer microchip to cells of a snail’s brain years ago.


Dr.  Naweed Syed

Led by Dr. Naweed Syed at Hotchkiss Brain Institute of Calgary University, the team has claimed a microchip that is capable of talking with the human brain cells.  The team has also published its research in a journal claiming that the chip will be helpful in choosing appropriate drugs for patients with mental disorders by scanning their brains.   The designed chip has capability of bi-directional communication i.e. from brain to chip and from chip to brain and is aimed to monitor diseases such as Alzheimer and Parkinson.  As in human brain, learning is associated with the strengthening and development of synapses, therefore, malfunctioning cells in a human brain do not fire and thus result in weakening of the associated synapses.

. This will provide an indication of a neurodegenerative disease. Actually, the synapses are responsible for amplifying the cell signals, thus non-firing cells result in neurodegenerative disorders. With such sort of chip, it will be easy to monitor such disorders.  The inventors hope that chip can also be used to conduct different electrical signals to various parts of brain in order to do pain therapy. The chip will also enable the researchers in no time to connect to the cells of different organs in order to study their reactions with different medicines.  With this break-through, it seems that bionic-hybrids are no more a science fiction but have become reality.

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