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Sophia: A New Love Affair of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Sophia: A New Love Affair of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

One of the main aims of artificial intelligence is to mimic nature, especially, human intelligence. From evolutionary algorithms inspired by biological evolution to the development of cyborgs have always been the aspirations of AI.   Sophia, a social robot, developed by Hanson Robotics is an exhibit of artificial intelligence and robotics. The name “Sophia” is given to her by her creator David Hanson. Sophia can see people faces and process visual, conversational, and emotional data to form social relations with the people.

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Talking to people is a primary function of this humanoid robot. In addition to this, Sophia can smile, make facial emotions, can blink her eyes. She has a good sense of humor and is able to tell you a joke as well. Sophia is designed to live and to interact with people. She is aimed to help people, entertain them, and to teach elderly kids as well. Healthcare is another potential sector where Sophia can offer her services.

Sophia also argues on the pros and cons of AI, telling people that robots cannot replace people but are designed to help them, as there is a growing concern among people that soon robots will have impact on their jobs.Sophia’s facial and speech expressions are no doubt impressive but at the same time they are creepy, specially, when she says that she wants to destroy humans.

Sophia can give about 65 facial expressions. Sophia also wants to do business and want to have her family. Let’s see! how she progresses, as at the moment, Sophia’s development is in progress.  More details about Sophia can be found at:

Advancements in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence have set a new trend in society. The use of industrial robots in manufacturing sector has become common in developed countries. However, social robotics is an area that has recently got attention due to the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence, specially, in the areas of natural language processing and machine learning. No wonder, that within coming 20 years time, we may be able to see cyborgs working and walking around us.

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